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Michael Hammer
"The inspiration for this site was a desire to provide families with a better scientific understanding of our children's disorder(s), tools for improving the quality of healthcare, and with critical information from other families and medical professionals with first-hand experiences with SCN8A."
- Dr. Hammer
SCN8A Related Information
Questions to ask your doctor if your child is diagnosed with an SCN8A gene variant.
A list of medications prescribed with a goal of controlling seizures, including indications from manufacturers and our efficacy ratings based on feedback from families.
Find neurologists and epileptologists familiar with SCN8A-related disorders.
Enter the variant reported in your lab results to learn if it's new or a known variant with documented phenotypes.
Ask questions, get answers, and learn from and share with families impacted by the SCN8A-related disorders and the physicians treating their children.
To advance SCN8A research, we're working to document the first 1,000 cases of gene variants and their impact. Families are encouraged to contribute; doctors and researchers are encouraged to review and learn from our variant and phenotype databases.
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