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Discussion Topics
Ask questions, get answers, learn from and share with families impacted by the SCN8A-related disorders and the physicians treating their children.
Clinician Reference Guide
A list of Clinician references provided by The Cute Syndrome Community.
Look Up a Gene Variant
Enter the variant reported in your lab results to learn if it's a new or a known variant with documented phenotypes.
Doctor Directory
Find other neurologists and epileptologists treating SCN8A epilepsy and add your name to our directory.
A list of most recent articles investigating SCN8A epilepsy.
A list of doctors' and researchers' view point on the SCN8A subject.
Media Reports
A recopilation of most recent media reports exploring SCN8A epilepsy and providing a space for the community's latest findings.
A formulary for treating SCN8A epilepsy including information of efficacy for varying seizure types based on information from families as well as manufacturers.