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Research Study

What is a Human Subjects research study?

A research study answers specific questions or discovers new information about a topic. A human subjects research study is simply a study where living individuals are participating in research.

Why participate in a research study?

Participants in research can help answer specific questions dealing with topics in the areas of psychology, sociology, medicine, economics, etc.

Where do the ideas for research come from?

Ideas for research studies often come from prior reserach, including laboratory and animal research.

Who can participate in a research study?

Those individuals who meet criteria set by the research proposal can participate. Some research studies are restricted to individuals over 18 years of age. Other studies have specific focuses including children or those with diseases or disorders.

Who is responsible for conducting the research?

The person responsible for the conduct of the research is the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI manages the overall conduct of the study and is responsible for those individuals who participate in the study. At The University of Arizona, a PI can be a faculty member, staff member, or a student. The SCN8A project PI is Dr. Michael Hammer.

Other study personnel are involved in different elements of the research and may assist the PI with the recruitment of participants, collection of information, and ultimately the analysis of the collected information.

What organization is responsible for the review of research?

The University of Arizona has a Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) that requires the review of all research studies before they are allowed to begin. Many research studies are reviewed by a separate committee called an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Low-risk projects are reviewed by a single member of the IRB. The IRB is part of the Human Subjects Protection Program.

Is this study safe?

The IRB determines the risk level of a project depending on the procedures that participants are asked to complete. This project was deemed “Exempt” by one member of the IRB, which simply means that there is little to no risk to you as a participant for enrolling in this study. For more information about the procedures involved with this study, please refer to the Disclosure page above.

Are all individuals protected?

All individuals participating in research at the University of Arizona are protected. We take your privacy very seriously; only Dr. Hammer and his research staff will have access to your identifiable data. Your identity, or any personally identifiable data, will not be released in publications or presentations on the data. Any data that is presented will be made completely anonymous.

To find our more about the Human Subjects Protection Program, you can write or call Program personnel at or 520-626-6721

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