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Commentary and reviews of the evolving epilepsy literature
Can Stem Cells be Used to Treat Epilepsy?
12/21/2018 Article
Stem cell-derived GABAergic progenitor cells where introduced into the hippocampus in an animal model with early temporal lobe epilepsy. The model showed a suppression of seizures as well as an improvement in cognitive and mood function. In the future, with more research, this could be applied to patients.
Study uncovers 11 new genes associated with epilepsy
12/10/2018 Article
An international study triples the amount of genetic associations for epilepsy that are currently known. Many anti-epileptic drugs in use target one or several of the genes that were found to be associated. With these new findings better seizure control will be able to be provided for patients.
Neurotransmitters and Sodium Channelopathies; Possible Link?
11/10/2017 Viewpoint
This brief reviews a published paper that reported findings on neurotransmitter deficiencies in two patients with mutation in voltage-gated sodium genes (SCN2A and SCN8A)
Beyond seizures — the importance of comorbidities in epilepsy
8/17/2017 Viewpoint
The exact prevalence of comorbidities in pediatric patients is somewhat unknown at this time as comorbidities can be under-diagnosed. This News & Views article provides insight on the importance of early identification and treatment of comorbidities with children with epilepsy.
Regulation of Thalamic and Cortical Network Synchrony by SCN8A
2/23/2017 Viewpoint
This article outlines the mechanisms through which a mutation in SCN8A results in seizures. Through experimentation in mouse models, researchers have found that decreased SCN8A function in the cortex can lead to convulsive seizure resistance, while decreased SCN8A function in the thalamus can generate absence seizures. The results of this study could motivate future research on the role of SCN8A in other thalamic processes including sleep, attention, and consciousness.
Progress in Epilepsy: Latest Waves of Discovery
2/22/2017 Viewpoint
This article summarizes advancements in biotechnology and recent discoveries in epilepsy, which will prospectively be translated into distinct therapy options for the individual patient. These discoveries include the role of inflammatory cell types in the development of epilepsy, the use of intracranial neurostimulation in interrupting seizures, as well as a discussion of the role of bioinformatics in gene identification.
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