SCN8A Community: Support, Advocacy, and Research offers a new vision for helping those living with, treating and/or researching SCN8A, facilitating communication among families, physicians and scientists. If you choose to be a part of this site, not only are you helping others in the SCN8A community, you're helping to build a new model for advancing support, knowledge and care for a variety of diseases worldwide. Together we will advance knowledge of the causes, consequences, and treatments of SCN8A-related disorders.

A note from Dr. Hammer

Dear Families,

Aside from being a research scientist specializing in genetics, like many of you I am a parent of a child with an SCN8A mutation. While each of our journeys is unique in many ways, we all have shared the horror of not being able to “fix” the terrible burden this mutation places on our children and our families. And most of us share the frustration that so few doctors understand the nature of the disorder or how to effectively treat our children.

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